Cross-fertilization of different experiences and abilities provides unbeatable hotbed of strong ideas. But how do you get a large number of people engaged in a creative process without it becoming complex and untamed? During the past year, the project PEA Open, where Acreo Swedish ICT, University of Linköping and Norrköping Science Park are included, has used Wide Ideas to find new opportunities for a printed sensor platform.

New electronic materials such as electrical conductors and semiconductors in the form of plastics (polymers), has made it possible to produce electronic “ink”. These inks can then be used to draw electronic components and circuits on to paper or plastic. The process involved can be automated by using printers (e.g. inkjet printers) or printing presses, providing a process for mass production of electronics called Printed Electronics. This field is undergoing rapid development in both research and commercialization and PEA is active in promoting this development. Research and development is carried out in Norrköping by Linköping University and the research company Acreo.

Open innovation challenge

”We presented our challenge with the starting point that we wanted to find one or more solutions in health care facilities. It turned out to be interesting as these are areas of interest to most people”, says Tommy Höglund, Project PEA Open.
The public was invited to Wide Ideas to contribute, and all of the sudden an idea was posted, that turned out to be a real highlight.

”The idea was that our sensor platform would be optimal for use in harsh environments around the world, where there is limited access to equipment and clean hospital environment. Individuals engaged in the idea and made contact with Doctors Without Borders, a medical humanitarian organization. It turned out that the organization was looking for new and better solutions that can help field workers to find out if the cold chain products such as vaccines have managed their transport, which was also a very good application of the sensor platform. This identified a concrete and clear use”, says Tommy Höglund.

New product soon to be launched

Isn’t this a great story? A private person, who has never even seen the product, comes with an idea that opens up for new opportunities and partnerships and in the long run will be a part of saving lives. Today the product is under development with plans for upcoming implementation.

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