Artificial Intelligence

The inbuilt intelligence in Wide Ideas helps you to manage large amounts of data – filtering, sorting and clustering ideas to find patterns and similarities. Similar ideas, or ideas that can reinforce each other, are clustered to create greater opportunities or new packages. Thanks to people’s interactions, the platform can also help to propose potential project or working groups based on what they appear to be interested in. This is unique feature powered by our dedicated deep learning algorithms, a result of extensive research and development.


The Wide Engine API is a comprehensive set of web services that lets you add Wide Ideas intelligent idea management features of enterprise grade to your existing or new applications. The Wide Engine API has a proven track record and is used by medium and large corporations world wide.

Some key features enabled by the API

The API provides RESTful JSON API endpoints over HTTP and the API utilizes the OAuth 2 access tokens pattern for consumer authentication. For more information, please have a look at our API documentation.

Idea Development Idea Selection Smart Algorithms   Admin
Post idea Idea repository  Rank  Statistics
Categorize idea Idea filtering  Cluster*  User Admin
Tag idea Idea evaluation  Match*  SSO
Comment on idea
Vote on idea
Feed of events
Notifications  *In development


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