Close friends with KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

To make sure that we are in the front end with our development of Wide Idea Engine we are since 2014 running a research project together with KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, and Mats Magnusson, Professor in Product Innovation Engineering. Mats research activities span a wide range of topics in the field of innovation engineering and management. Some areas of particular interest for the developing of Wide Ideas Engine are:

  • Networked and collaborative ideation and innovationkth3
  • Continuous innovation, combining creativity and efficiency
  • Early-phase innovation and product development, including customer and user involvement, and innovation portfolio management

Development is ongoing, and we attach great importance to future-proof technology, architecture and future possibilities to extract unique business intelligence from all data in the field of innovation management.

Memberships that strengthen us

IMIT is a network organization performing research in the areas of innovation- and technology management. An important part of IMIT’s activities is to inform decision makers about new insights from recently performed research. This is done through conferences, seminars, collaborative research projects, and by publishing IMIT’s magazine “Management of Innovation and Technology”, reaching approximately 20.000 people in Swedish industry.

Cluster for interactive and visual media
The Cluster for interactive and visual media is run by C-site and University of Linköping. This cluster gives us a opportunity to test and present our technology in a forum where academia, industry, society and the cultural sector meet and together develop common uses and business opportunities within visualization – new technology, new applications and new business. It also gives us the platform to test and constant develop important collaborative decision making functions. Our front-end development in this specific area are looking at new ground breaking visualization to take collaborative decision making to the next level for all users.

Innovation Pioneers
Innovation Pioneers is a network founded by innovation leaders and practitioners from consumer, industrial, service and digital industries, experienced in strategic, tactical and operational management of innovation. We have implemented structured innovation as well as managed successful launches of business critical innovations. All of us Innovation Pioneers members work with innovation on both a strategic and operational level. We are leaders and visionaries, practitioners and strategists. We aggregate, produce and develop methods, processes, tools and experiences.