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– Transforms your O365 into a powerful digital innovation solution

– Allows ideas and engagement to flow

– Accelerates the decision-making process

are new thoughts a person has every single day

are the different collaboration opportunities in a company with 10,000 employees


of employees are not engaged in the workplace

Let our innovation software, running in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, leverage the full potential for your business!

Enhanced business innovation

Company-wide innovation can spark new ideas and different perspectives to your business issues and challenges.


Accelerated decision-making

Artificial Intelligence will instantaneously predict recommended ideas for you to invest more time and resources into.

Embedded innovation culture

Fully integrated with Office 365, innovation becomes part of your company’s existing digital landscape.

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Wide Ideas collaboration
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Partnership with Microsoft

Our close working relationship with Microsoft, and our integration with their office suite, transforms Office 365 seamlessly into a complete digital innovation solution.

Part of the existing digital landscape
Innovation can only be truly successful when everyone has the opportunity to contribute. With Wide Ideas integrated with Office 365, it is already part of the existing digital landscape of your workforce, allowing ideas and engagement to flow naturally as part of their everyday business activities.

Innovation at scale
The “wisdom of the crowd” is a recognised ideology for shaping solutions to business challenges. We utilise this ideology to help connect and leverage the collective intelligence of employees, through the use of Microsoft’s Sharepoint, Yammer, Project, Planner and Teams.

No additional IT costs
Being integrated with Office 365, means there isn’t a need for a standalone innovation system. Therefore no installation costs, no long wait times for implementation, and no additional resources to support it.

Wide Ideas analysed
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The Power of AI

Our unique Artificial Intelligence solution can handle big data sets in real time by filtering, sorting and clustering ideas to find similarities and patterns.

Accelerating the decision making process
Applying of our Artificial Intelligence solution accelerates the process for management by predicting which are the best ideas to invest more time and resources into. This eliminates the barrier of having to manually evaluate all ideas, a very time consuming exercise prone to mistakes.

Identifying subject matter experts
Based on big data analysis and people’s contribution, Wide Ideas is able to identify subject matter experts capable of refining ideas to help move them onto the next step to become a delivered solution.

New personalised ‘feeds of interest’ are automatically generated based on a person’s interaction with Wide Ideas, resulting in higher quality input and increased engagement with innovation.

Secure and confidential

We fully understand the need for security and confidentiality of data when it comes to discussing company business. Hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud services, you know your users and their data is sitting behind a recognised and trusted security layer that can be easily managed.

GDPR compliant
The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation comes into effect on 25th May 2018. Wide Ideas is fully compliant with this new piece of legislation.

Single Sign-On (SSO)
Our software is SSO enabled, which means you can use your existing workplace login credentials to access it. Being SSO enabled simplifies the user experience leading to increased productivity, increases security as users will use a more complex password with fewer to remember, and lower IT costs for password administration.

Ease of access

Integrated with Office 365, and therefore fully immersed in your existing digital landscape, we have taken full advantage of making innovation available through the best-of-breed products Microsoft has to offer.

Access from anywhere
Whether in the office, on the train, or out for a walk, inspiration can strike at any time. With Wide Ideas accessible from all devices, your workforce are always just a fingertip away from contributing to innovation.

Enhanced engagement
Social networks can have a far and deep reach in any company that has adopted the social culture, and this provides a ready made platform to further engage your workforce in innovation. This is why we felt it important to have integrated with Microsoft’s Yammer application, simplifying the innovation engagement process.

Future of Work

In a recent survey  by PA Consulting with over 800 executives, 2 out of 3 confirmed their organisations would not survive without continuous innovation.

This free whitepaper explores how the way we conduct business is changing and the vital role innovation will play in the future of work.

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Our Ethos

We believe in human beings as the main driver of renewal and development and that the employees of a company, and their stakeholders, are the business's most important resource for continuous innovation.

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