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Submit ideas through a variety of tools you use every day to a single consolidated ideation platform.

Flexible access increases user participation.

Web Application

Multiple Devices

Company Portal

Microsoft Teams

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Use the Wide Ideas SMART AI RANKING and DECISION ANALYSIS tools to do all the heavy lifting and find the best ideas.

Accelerate the decision-making process.

more secure.

Built on Microsoft 365, all sensitive discussions and great ideas take place in a highly secure and trustworthy environment.

Using the Microsoft Azure Active Directory, access is automatically granted with your existing Microsoft 365 SSO credentials.

No additional passwords required.

Flexible Access

Select who and how people participate in the building of your idea pipeline

Employees Only

Leverage the power of employee knowledge and build your idea pipeline behind the company firewall through our web interface or your intranet.

Access is automatically granted through their Microsoft 365 SSO credentials.

+ External Stakeholders

Bring diverse thinking and valuable insights by inviting customers, partners and suppliers to share their knowledge and experience.

Access to sensitive information is further controlled through our user-friendly admin portal.

+ Microsoft Teams

Increase idea contribution by adding the ability for users to participate through the world’s most used collaboration hub – Microsoft Teams.

Our trustworthy integration with Microsoft Teams allows data to flow in both directions.

We are delighted and honoured to be chosen by Microsoft as their preferred solution for idea and innovation management.


Some of the key features of our idea management software

Idea Matching

Advanced Filtering

Product Customisation

Built on Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 SSO

Idea Clustering

Decision Analysis Tool

Real-time Notifications

Enterprise Security

Multi-language Support

Idea Tracking

SMART AI Ranking

External Participation

FREE Idea Process

Connect Microsoft Teams

Case Study

Leading European Energy Company saves $millions every year with Wide Ideas.

The key objective of Vattenfall is to offer all customers climate-smart energy and enable a life free from fossil fuels within one generation.

Learn how the collaboration with Wide Ideas is helping Vattenfall meet this objective through yearly innovation initiatives.

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You don’t have to choose between Faster, Smarter or More Secure as you get all three as standard when you build your idea pipeline with Wide Ideas.

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