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Culture of Innovation

Video series of 12 episodes outlining the strategy to implement a culture of innovation in your organisation.

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Welcome to the Talking Ideation series

Topic: Culture of Innovation

hosted by Haseeba Saban

Over the 12 episodes, Haseeba will do a deep dive into how to structure and implement a culture of innovation. From understanding why a culture of innovation is important, to the process and how to measure the ROI. Haseeba takes you through step-by-step on how to build and maintain high levels of engagement in ideation.

portrait image of Hasseba Saban preparing to talk about the culture of innovation

About Haseeba Saban

Haseeba is an entrepreneurial global nomad, based in Rotterdam. She is passionate about amplifying the customer experience (CX) and corporate/internal communications, as well as driving employee experience (EX) through her content marketing strategies fueled by technology and her passion for people.

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Series Topics

  • Episode 01: Introduction to the upcoming series
  • Episode 02: Why a culture of innovation is critical
  • Episode 03: Step 1 – Audit your innovation culture
  • Episode 04: Step 2 – The kick-off
  • Episode 05: Step 3 – Ideation incentives & feedback
  • Episode 06: Step 4 – The ideation process
  • Episode 07: Step 5 (Part I) – Ideation Tools
  • Episode 08: Step 5 (Part II) – Ideation Training
  • Episode 09: Step 6 – Reporting & Measuring ROI
  • Episode 10: Innovate or Die
  • Episode 11: Making a case for innovation to unlock post-crisis growth
  • Episode 12:  Qualities leaders must show to drive innovation successfully

Episode 1

Introduction to the upcoming series

In this first episode, Haseeba outlines what she will be talking about over the next 11 episodes. She also highlights the importance of employees in driving business transformation and business innovation in today’s environment.

Episode 2

Why a culture of innovation is critical for businesses

In this next episode, Haseeba talks about leveraging the creativity of employees to help grow your business. She also discusses the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion to deliver the best results.

Episode 3

STEP 1: Audit your innovation culture

In episode three, Haseeba talks about the 3 key areas that help build a culture of innovation; people, software and processes. She also covers why an internal audit is necessary as the foundation for building a culture of innovation.

Episode 4

STEP 2: The kick-off

In this episode, Haseeba covers the launch of a culture of innovation initiative and the value of good communication to set clear expectations. She also highlights how regular communication can drive consistent engagement.

people practicing the culture of innovation around a laptop as an idea grows.

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Episode 5

STEP 3: Ideation incentives & feedback

Episode five is all about how to incentivise employees to continuously participate in sharing and engaging in ideas. Haseeba also talks about the use of interactive workshops and remote brainstorming to excite employees.

Episode 6

STEP 4: The ideation process

Episode six moves onto the process on how to to turn a raw idea into an impactful innovation. Haseeba also emphasises the value in a ‘community of employees’ coming together to refine ideas into a business case for success.

Episode 7

STEP 5: Part I – Ideation tools

Episode seven is all about the approach to selecting the right idea management software to support a culture of innovation. Haseeba highlights that understanding your specific goals are vital before choosing your idea software.

Episode 8

STEP 5: Part II – Ideation training

This episode focuses on the training of ideation software and the value of having internal innovation champions. Haseeba also outlines the types of innovation champions you should look for to be the ambassadors for your innovation program.

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Episode 9

STEP 6: Reporting & Measuring ROI

Episode 9 of this series focuses on the importance of idea software containing a dashboard to visualise ideation data. Haseeba also talks how it will help management make informed decisions regarding the innovation strategy.

Episode 10

Innovate or Die

Episode 10 of this series focuses on how the COVID-19 pandemic has upended nearly every aspect of life, from the personal (how people live and work) to the professional (how companies interact with their customers).

Episode 11

Making a case for innovation to unlock post-crisis growth

The penultimate episode of this series focuses on the urgent actions that companies need to take now to begin growing again post-crisis. Haseeba talks about how companies need to adapt and rethink their future business model.

Episode 12

Qualities leaders must show to drive innovation successfully

In this final episode, Haseeba talks about the many elements of entrepreneurial behaviour that leaders need to embrace to attract a diverse set of minds, think differently, drive change and engage employees in innovation. 

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