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Capturing ideas is just the beginning, not the end.

With Wide Ideas, we follow the end-to-end ideation process that turns ideas into reality.

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  1. Wide Ideas enables you to ask for input on your key business challenges.
  2. Wide Ideas lets you share and capture ideas from employees, customers and other stakeholders.
  3. Wide Ideas ranks each idea and prioritises the best possible ideas through its unique artificial intelligence.
  4. Wide Ideas allows you to assign experts to provide feedback and select the ideas to move forward with.
  5. Create a project plan (including a cost-based analysis report) on how to deliver the selected idea successfully.
  6. Execute the project plan and do broadcast the success to encourage future participation in ideation.


with Wide Ideas


(based on a real-life event)

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Business Challenge

6 Month Innovation Competition

  • As a leading energy company with a focus on sustainability, what can we do to resolve tomorrow’s problems today?
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Kick-off Event
  • A kick-off event is hosted to encourage and motivate employees to begin sharing their ideas.
Who will be the winner of this innovation competition?
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+ Microsoft Teams
  • Employees are given additional access to contribute through Microsoft Teams.

Increased flexibility to contribute maximises employee participation.

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Barika Shares an Idea
  • During the winter months, many of the blades of the wind turbines get covered in ice and seize up. To get them running again the ice has to be removed manually. This is time-consuming, dangerous and very costly.
Could we install infrared heat lamps into the towers to de-ice the rotor blades?
illustration icon of AI on a lightbulb white outline on a black background circle
AI does all the heavy lifting
  • The artificial intelligence of Wide Ideas identifies Barika’s idea as a possibly great solution to a key problem.

Our AI removes unwanted bottlenecks in the idea process.

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Evaluate and Rank Ideas
  • Experts are assigned and using the smart Decision Analysis Tool they each provide a score based on 5 viability factors – Innovation, Value, Effect, Simplicity and Profitability.
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Idea Shortlist
  • 20 ideas with the greatest potential are selected to move forward to the next round of competition.
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Barika's Idea Wins
Judging Panel comments:
  • Wow! This idea has great potential. We will need to do a cost-based analysis but savings could be huge.
illustration icon of white lightbulb and gears on a purple background circle
Check Viability of Winning Idea
  • A cost-based analysis report determines that the idea can:

1. reduce 10% of generation losses as wind farms don’t need to be shut down
2. save up to 1M Kr per wind turbine
3. enhance safety protocols

illustration icon of white rocket on a pink background circle
Infra Red Heat Lamps Installed
  • In the event of snow or ice, the rotor blade is now stopped in front of the tower, the lamps are turned on and the ice is melted one blade at a time.
Saving Millions Every Year
  • This simple, but clever idea, now saves a leading European energy supplier millions of US dollars every year. Their wind farms now remain open all year round.

We turned this real-life scenario into a full case study.

Wide Ideas is delighted and honoured to be chosen by Microsoft as their preferred solution for idea and innovation management.

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Listen to what our customers say

Within our PIPPI Community of Practice, leading European University Hospitals, healthcare providers and all key stakeholders, will now be able to drive and take part in initiating innovation areas within healthcare and prepare future innovation procurements.

Martina Ahlberg

PiPPi Project coordinator, Platform for Innovation of Procurement & Procurement of Innovation (Pippi)

We chose the idea management system from Wide Ideas to enable employee-centric knowledge sharing and ideation across the organisation. The tool greatly enhances the employee experience by making it easy to collaborate, communicate and connect with others.

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Andreas Regnell

SVP for Strategic Development, VATTENFALL


Software for Flexible Idea Management

Access Only

Restrict access so only employees can share ideas.

+ External

Invite customers, partners and suppliers to participate.

+ Microsoft Teams

Allow users to contribute through Microsoft  Teams.

Any time
or Anywhere

Users can engage at work, at home, on the train…


Idea Platform for Enterprise-Grade Security

Microsoft 365

Wide Ideas is built on Microsoft 365 azure, the gold standard in enterprise-grade security.

SSO Enabled through
Microsoft 365

The single Sign-on authentication process increases user security and reduces IT costs.

Microsoft Teams
Approved Integration

Unlike other idea software, Wide Ideas is a full 2-way integration solution with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Preferred

Wide Ideas is Microsoft’s preferred solution for idea and innovation management software.

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Wide Ideas can be used for many things

Innovation Jams

Idea Management

Customer Insights

Open Innovation

Continuous Improvement

Identify Customer Needs

Innovation Jams

Idea Management

Customer Insights

Open Innovation

Continuous Improvement

Unmet Needs Discovery

What would you use Wide Ideas for?

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