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The growth of a company, organisation or business is dependent on identifying, and acting on, the needs of its customers.

4 stage discovery of how to identify customer needs with Wide Ideas software

Create new opportunities by identifying the needs of YOUR customer base.

Are you sure your current product and service offerings meet the needs of customers?

What about evolving your product and service offerings to meet the needs of new customers?

Wide Ideas Discovery Process

With a simple systematic process, you can discover what the needs of your customers truly are:

  1. ASK your front-line workers (sales, customer service teams etc…) for insights into the needs of your customers
  2. SHARE and collaborate on the customer pains and potential new opportunities
  3. RANK and prioritise feedback with our unique AI solution
  4. SELECT which customer needs to focus on

How to Identify YOUR Customer Needs

with the Wide Ideas platform.

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Debbie Asks
(business/product owner)
  • As a leading clothing company, how do we increase customer retention?
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Kick-off Event
  • A kick-off event is hosted to encourage and motivate employees to begin identifying the needs of their customers.
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+ Microsoft Teams
  • Employees are given additional access to contribute through Microsoft Teams.

Increased flexibility to contribute maximises employee participation.

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Marissa Shares Some Insights
  • We don’t have a clear strategy when it comes to sustainability and second-hand clothing.
illustration icon of AI on a lightbulb white outline on a black background circle
Tatenda Shows Support
  • I agree. Many of our customers are going to competitors that have a process for selling back used garments and giving second-hand clothing to those in need.
illustration icon of star on podium on a green background circle
Ericka Shares More Insights
  • Many customers complain about the slow delivery times of our products.
illustration icon of hand selecting star on a blue background circle
AI Does All The Heavy Lifting
  • The artificial intelligence of Wide Ideas identifies these two customer needs as being issues to address.

Our AI removes bottlenecks in the idea process.

illustration icon of hand selecting star on a blue background circle
Development Team Acts
  • Management confirm that these two customer needs need to have a priority fix.
illustration icon of white lightbulb and gears on a purple background circle
Debbie Contacts The Warehouse
(Business/Product Owner)
  • The old legacy logging and tracking system is causing a major blockage for timely deliveries. Let’s upgrade to a state-of-the-art and more efficient system.
illustration icon of white rocket on a pink background circle
  • A new modern logging and tracking system is scheduled to be installed over the next 3 months. The company now has in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to speed up its deliveries.
Debbie Asks
(Business/Product Owner)
  • Lack of sustainability and what to do with second-hand clothing is a key contributing factor to why we are not retaining customers. What can we do to solve this?

Once you identify what the needs of your customers are, you can share/collaborate on how to meet those needs.

Discovering the needs of your customers has other benefits too.

Identifying and fulfilling the needs of your existing customers have many positive outputs:

  • increases customer loyalty
  • increases customer satisfaction
  • increases customer retention

It also can identify gaps in the market that your product and services have the potential to fill, creating new opportunities for growth. And provide a competitive advantage over your nearest rivals.

New Ideas Generated

Resolved Customer Needs

  • Increase Customer Loyalty 45% 45%
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction 67% 67%
  • Increase Customer Retention 88% 88%

Create New Opportunities for Growth

Identify customer needs and unlock your potential for growth.

Software Features

Some of the key features of our software to help discover your customer needs.

Idea Matching

Advanced Filtering

Product Customisation

Built on Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 SSO

Idea Clustering

Decision Analysis Tool

Real-time Notifications

Enterprise Security

Multi-language Support

Idea Tracking

SMART AI Ranking

External Participation

FREE Idea Process

Connect Microsoft Teams

Listen to what our customers say

We use Wide Ideas to work efficiently with ideas and improvements in our organisation. Our employees share and collaborate around ideas and get the work done. We now have an overview for better insights and a basis for improved planning, whilst access to the idea tool through Microsoft Teams makes ideation simple.

Patrick Mueller


We chose the idea management system from Wide Ideas to enable employee-centric knowledge sharing and ideation across the organisation. The tool greatly enhances the employee experience by making it easy to collaborate, communicate and connect with others.

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Andreas Regnell

SVP for Strategic Development, VATTENFALL

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