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Imagine crowd-sourcing new ideas through the company engagement hub where employees already interact with one another.

That’s the power of Wide Ideas for Microsoft Teams.

Greater Exposure to New Ideas

Extend the reach into the organisation and explore cross-functional and cross-geography ideation.

Focused Problem Solving

Push business challenges to specific Microsoft Team channels for more focused crowd-sourcing.

Increased Employee Engagement

Empower employees to ideate through their company hub as part of their everyday engagement activity.

Product Overview

Microsoft Teams adds flexibility within an organisation and helps them to react more quickly. It also helps build strong relationships amongst employees and boosts morale.

With Wide Ideas for Microsoft Teams you get all these benefits with the added capability of capturing ideas to business challenges and engaging employees in finding solutions.

Watch this video to get an understanding how Wide Ideas for Microsoft Teams can really work for you by connecting to your existing engagement hub.

Wide Ideas for Microsoft Teams creates an incredible opportunity for organisations to accelerate innovation, through employees sharing ideas on the most-used collaboration hub on the planet, Microsoft Teams. Henrik Byström

Business Group Lead, Microsoft

How Wide Ideas integrates with Microsoft Teams

Submit Challenge

  1. Microsoft Teams Channel dedicated for all active business challenges and needs
  2. Business challenge outlining the issue for employees to share and discuss ideas

Share Ideas

  1. Publish new ideas to share with employees directly through the Microsoft Teams window

Interact with Others

  1. Engage in conversation with other people’s ideas and respond to the comments of your own ideas
  2. Like shared ideas to show your support

Identify Solutions

  1. Search through all shared ideas to find the right solutions

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