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Leverage your customers, partners, and suppliers shared knowledge and experience with enterprise open innovation software.

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Remove the corporate limitations with open innovation

To maintain your competitive advantage you need to extend your ideation capabilities beyond the corporate firewall. With enterprise open innovation software from Wide Ideas, you can leverage the knowledge and expertise of your customers, suppliers and partners to continuously improve your products and services.

Choose your preferred Open Innovation Platform

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Microsoft 365

Built on Microsoft Azure AD, our open innovation software with Microsoft 365 creates a safe and secure platform to invite external people to innovate.

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Microsoft Teams

Same safe and secure environment as Microsoft 365, but includes the additional access to crowdsource solutions through the world’s most-used collaboration hub.

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Software packed full of features

The open innovation software from Wide Ideas is enterprise-grade software that is packed full of features to simplify the innovation process for you.

It goes far beyond just collecting ideas. It uses clever machine learning algorithms to match similar suggestions, and rank ideas based on user interaction and context.

Features include:

SSO enabledidea matchingidea trackingidea clusteringadvanced filteringmulti-site bridgedecision analysis toolsmart AI rankingreal-time notifications3rd party access

And Microsoft’s Power Bi delivers superior insights and analysis of your idea pipeline.

Accelerate Decision Making

Removing bottlenecks in the decision-making process is a key priority to deliver timely innovations.

So we found a way to speed it up!

Decision Analysis Tool (DAT)

This management tool is a critical piece of our open innovation software. Using the knowledge and experience of experts and leaders, collectively they evaluate ideas.

Smart AI Ranking

The unique artificial intelligence of Wide Ideas utilises allocates an overall viability score for each idea.

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Artificial Intelligence

Identify those ideas with the highest probability of success with our unique AI solution.

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Expert Assessment

Invite experts, with knowledge and experience, to provide input on the effectiveness of ideas.

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IT departments love our Open Innovation software!

Most open innovation platforms are standalone.  Seeking approval to share critical business information outside the corporate firewall is often a barrier too far for IT departments to approve.

With Wide Ideas open innovation software, we connect to your existing IT infrastructure. Integration is simple, secure, and leaves you in control of your data behind your own corporate firewall.

Pricing Packages

Check out our highly competitive open innovation software pricing packages.  All pricing packages include full access to our software through both the web interface and Microsoft Teams.

Open Innovation is now outpacing traditional R&D methods

  • Open Innovation 61% 61%
  • Design Thinking 59% 59%
  • Co creating with customers, partners, suppliers 55% 55%
  • Traditional R&D 34% 34%
  • Innovating in emerging markets & exporting to developed markets 34% 34%
  • Taking risks, failing fast & trying again 31% 31%
  • Internal incubators 27% 27%
  • Investing in start-ups via corporate venture capital 21% 21%

According to a recent survey from Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), more and more companies are embracing open innovation as a better collaborative operating model than the traditional R&D methods. And by a LARGE margin.

Why? Open innovation platforms are providing companies with an all-inclusive option to gather feedback and ideas from consumers and businesses that are actually using their products and services.

Source: PWC’s Innovation Benchmark report

Wide Ideas open innovation software for is an enterprise SaaS application that creates an incredible opportunity for organisations to accelerate innovation, through employees sharing ideas on the most used collaboration hub on the planet, Microsoft Teams.

Henrik Byström

Business Group Lead, Microsoft

Some questions our customers have asked

Below are some answers to typical questions we receive from our customers about our open innovation software.

Can I publish business challenges to different groups of people?

Yes, you can.

Through the user-friendly administration interface of our open innovation software, you can choose which user groups you want to publish your business challenges to. You can choose one or multiple groups. This allows you to target specific people with the relevant knowledge and experience to provide you with new ideas and insights.

Can I use Wide Ideas as a Closed Innovation Platform?

Yes, you can.

Providing 3rd party access to your customers, suppliers or partners is your decision. You can keep it restricted to just your internal employees if you so wish.

Can we add additional information regarding our work, process, steps etc.?


You can create as many pages with information as you want to with our open innovation software and also customise menus. You can add text, images and videos to engage, educate and inform your users.

Do I need an additional license to access the Microsoft Teams integration?


Access to our open innovation software through Microsoft Teams is included in your overall license package.

If you currently do not have access to our open innovation software, you can find out more about our license packages here.

Can I download your open innovation software from the Android or Apple app stores?

No. We do not have a dedicated mobile app.

However, the enterprise SaaS open innovation software has been designed in such a way that makes it truly mobile responsive with all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The best ideas are generally those ideas that have been refined by ‘the wisdom of the crowd’.

Can we create teams of experts and decision makers for each challenge?


When publishing challenges you decide which users shall have permission for evaluating ideas and which users shall have permission to make decisions.

Is it possible to customise your open innovation software around our own process?


Our open innovation software is very flexible and can be customised. Our Customer Success team are always available to support you to make the most out of Wide Ideas depending on your needs.

We recommend that you go for our onboarding packages when you sign up for our open innovation software so we can help you get up and running fast!

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Implementation time

With Microsoft Azure AD, the environment is not only highly secure, it also simplifies the implementation process for you.

In fact, once you have provided all the necessary information to one of our team, you could be up and running in under 24 hours!

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