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Message from Jakob Lindvall, CEO

Our customers over the years have all valued the collective intelligence of their employees when it comes to problem solving. And during these challenging times, the need for solving problems clearly has never been greater.

However, it is more than just about problem solving. It is also about colleagues being able to connect, engage and work together whether in the office or working from home.

Microsoft Teams provides the ability to communicate and collaborate, whilst Wide Ideas for Microsoft Teams enables you to innovate through the same interface.

The complete package for remote working.

Product overview

Microsoft Teams adds flexibility within an organisation and helps them to react more quickly. It also helps build strong relationships amongst employees and boosts morale.

With Wide Ideas for Microsoft Teams you get all these benefits with additional capabilities to set up digital spaces for focus and cooperation around challenges.

Watch this video to get an understanding how Wide Ideas for Microsoft Teams can really work for you by intergrating with your existing Microsoft Office 365 engagement hub.


We are proud to be part of the Microsoft Partner Network with SILVER status and to be approved as a CO-SELL Partner.

Remote working will be new to many, and the adjustment will be difficult. Remember to look after your well being and mental health during long periods of isolation.

Working from Home – 7 Top Tips to stay Healthy and more Productive

  1. Create clear start and finish times
  2. Take regular breaks and go for walks if possible
  3. Whilst on calls, stand and walk around
  4. Stay connected with your colleagues (e.g. digital lunches)
  5. Be patient and forgiving for background noise disruptions
  6. Resist increasing your food and coffee intake
  7. Turn notifications OFF

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Please note, our Idea Management Software is fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365, including Microsoft Teams.

Implementation time

With Microsoft Azure AD, the environment is not only highly secure, it also simplifies the implementation process for you.

In fact, once you have provided all the necessary information to one of our team, you could be up and running in under 24 hours!

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