Enhanced business innovation

Company-wide innovation sparks new ideas and different perspectives to business issues and challenges.

Accelerated decision-making

Unique Artificial Intelligence analyses and predicts the recommended ideas to invest more time and resources into.

Collaborative workforce

Knowledge and experience of a connected workforce increases opportunities to collaborate on business challenges.

Our Story

Located in a scenic mountain range in Sweden, Åre may appear to be small town but it has big ambitions. In 2008 it was appointed as one of the top 10 ski resorts in the world, and has held the Alpine World Championships multiple times and will again in 2019.

Åre is reknowned for its tourism, but it also contains a vibrant start-up community of businesses and is where Wide Ideas began its inspiring journey in 2011. Seven years on, having worked with some amazing customers like Axel Johnson, Ricoh, and Thomas Cook, our passion for helping companies leverage the collective intelligence of its workforce continues to intensify.

We have a close partnership with Microsoft and make use of their Azure Cloud services for speed and security. It is this partnership that makes Wide Ideas a very attract proposition for those companies already using Office 365, looking to add innovation as an every business activity to the modern workplace.

Leadership Team

Inspiration | Passion | Technology

Jakob Lindvall

Co-founder & CEO

Combining his love for AI technology, passion for idea management, and 15+ years of experience as CEO of various companies, Jakob oversees the business planning, and strategic direction for the company.

I love the exciting feeling of seeing big ideas created, and the rewards that follow when they are turned into reality.

Åse Angland Lindvall

Co-founder & Global Sales EVP

With relentless energy and an unrivaled vision for helping companies to be successful, a core skill she gained at her time at E.ON and Ericsson, Åse helps companies understand the need for continuous innovation.

Organisations that leverage the collective intelligence of all their employees are more likely to understand their customers needs.

Carolina Johansson

Head of Product Development

With 7+ years of digital design experience, and an unwavering belief in the collaboration of a company’s employees as the driver to be innovative, Carolina aligns the development of the product with the business needs.

Innovation is such a fascinating area to work in. You never know what tomorrow will bring, but it always seems to surprise you.

Fredrik Knutson


20 years’ experience in Microsoft technologies as a systems architect and digital strategist, specialising in Azure Cloud services and IoT services, Fredrik brings great experience and a fresh perspective as Chief Technical Officer.

By integrating Wide Ideas in O365, enterprises can increase their innovation power by using the creative potential of their workforce for innovative ideas and the development of new business models.

David Christopher

Head of Digital Marketing

With enthusiasm for the creative and an eye for the detail, fused with 15+ years at Oracle leading cloud software teams to create complex innovation solutions, David drives the digital marketing strategy.

Watching a raw idea transform into a real innovation through collaboration is simply amazing. But to actually be a part of that success journey is just the best feeling.

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