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Business innovation needs more than just a digital platform


Top 10 Innovation lessons for success

” Great innovations begin with a raw idea in need of refinement “

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Åse Angland Lindvall

Co-founder & Global Sales EVP With relentless energy and an unrivalled vision for helping companies to be successful, a core skill she gained at her time at E.ON and Ericsson, Åse helps companies understand the need for continuous innovation. Passions: Leadership, Culture & Transformation

Jakob Lindvall

Co-founder & CEO Combining his love for AI tech, passion for idea management, and 15+ years of experience as CEO of various companies, Jakob oversees the business planning, and strategic direction for the company. Passions: Artificial Intelligence, Leadership

David Christopher

Head of Digital Marketing With enthusiasm for the creative and an eye for the detail, fused with 15+ years at Oracle leading cloud software teams to create complex innovation solutions, David drives the digital marketing strategy. Passions: Leadership, Culture & Transformation

Carolina Johansson

Head of Product Development With 7+ years of digital design experience, and an unwavering belief in the collaboration of a company’s employees as the driver to be innovative, Carolina aligns the development of the product with the business needs. Passions: Culture & Transformation

Latest Insights

Will AI replace human decision making?

Artificial intelligence is prominent in our personal lives, from smart watches to driver-less cars. But will AI replace human decision making? Wide Ideas CEO, Jakob Lindvall, has been using AI in his Innovation Software for over 5 years and has an interesting perspective on the question.

Top 10 Innovation lessons for success

I have encountered many innovation lessons over the last 15 years during my business innovation tenure, as a contributor, as digital product owner and as initiative leader. These are my top 10 innovation lessons that any organisation thinking of starting an innovation...

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