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The best source of innovation is your employees

Good to know

We develop Wide Ideas in close collaboration with our customers and partners. Each feature is carefully selected to encourage engagement and facilitate the innovation process.

Sign in with Microsoft 365

Allow your employees to sign in with their work account (Microsoft 365), no new accounts need to be created.

Microsoft Teams

Publish challenges directly to teams in Microsoft Teams and let employees interact directly in the Teams client.

Computer, tablet or mobile

Computer, tablet or mobile doesn’t matter. Wide Ideas is accessed via the browser and can be easily linked/integrated with the intranet.

Invite external stakeholders

Bring diverse thinking and valuable insights by inviting customers, partners and suppliers to share their knowledge and experience.

Start using Wide Ideas

With Wide Ideas you can work with workshops, specific challenges, open idea box and time-limited campaigns, regardless of whether you want to use Wide Ideas continuously or for a limited period.


Do you have a specific area, theme, need or challenge that you would like input for? Start a workshop and let employees quickly and easily publish their thoughts via digital post-it notes.

Specific challenges

Publish area-specific challenges and let your employees publish ideas for how the challenges can be solved. You can customise the idea form to ensure you get all the necessary information.

Open idea box

In the open idea box, employees are welcome to publish any idea. The ideas can be categorized by department, market, product or similar and automatically be forwarded to the selected recipient.

Limited time campaigns

Start a time-limited campaign if you want to engage around a need, challenge or topic. Pinpoint specific departments, business areas or customer groups.

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The platform

Wide Ideas interfaces

Wide Ideas Admin Center

Manage users, permissions, challenges, workshops, etc. We recommend 2-3 administrators.


Wide Ideas web app

The user-friendly and intuitive interface enables users to quickly and easily contribute ideas to business challenges or participate in ongoing workshops 

Wide Ideas Teams app

Our full integration with Microsoft Teams (not just a link) allows users to share, engage, like and comment on ideas directly through Microsoft Teams

illustration blue and green of two light bulbs and an arrow to show the machine learning matching algorithm for the idea management software of Wide Ideas.

Idea Matching

Machine Learning Algorithm identifies and matches similar ideas avoiding duplication.

illustration blue and green of two lightbulbs circled to show idea clustering feature of the idea management software of Wide Ideas.

Idea Clustering

Groups ideas together in a meaningful way.

illustration blue and green of path leading to a lightbulb to show idea tracking capabilities of the idea management software of Wide Ideas.

Idea Tracking

Visual tracker aid provides an instant progress overview of each idea.

illustration blue and green cog and light bulb to show the idea management process for the idea management software of Wide Ideas.

Idea Management Process

Documented end-to-end flow maximises user participation and overall results.

illustration blue and green filter and to show advanced filtering feature of the idea management software of Wide Ideas.

Advanced Filtering

Finds ideas that meet a specific set of business criteria.

illustration blue and green of 2 hands holding yes and no paddles to show the Decision Analysis Tool for the idea management software of Wide Ideas.

Decision Analysis Tool

Provides a clear visual assessment based on Smart AI Ranking and expert input.

illustration blue and green ringing bell to show notifications feature of the idea management software of Wide Ideas.

Real time notifications

Notifies users of new ideas, comments or likes.

illustration blue equaliser icons to show possible customisation for the idea management software of Wide Ideas.


Many idea software features can be changed to suit different business requirements.

illustration blue and green world with chat boxes to show multi-language support for the idea management software of Wide Ideas.

Multi Language Support

Currently supports English and Swedish languages. More to come soon.

illustration blue and green speedometer with AI to show the smart ranking feature of ideas for the innovation software of Wide Ideas.

Smart AI Ranking

Uses artificial intelligence to rank ideas based on content, context and user interaction.

Microsoft Azure AD icon for Microsoft 365.

Built on Microsoft Azure

Sensitive discussions take place in a safe and secure environment.

Microsoft Teams logo on a transparent background.

Connect Microsoft Teams

Bring ideation directly into your digital workplace by seamlessly connecting Microsoft Teams.


And the last thing that is good to know

User support

Our support is open during office hours (CET)
and available to all your users.

Server operation

Wide Ideas is operated through
Microsoft’s data center and a
web hosting company within the EU.


Wide Ideas complies with the data
protection regulation GDPR and
all data is stored within the EU.

Get started

We have a very popular onboarding program for our new customers. It is included in the start-up cost and gives you all the tools you need to have a successful start.

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