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Trustworthy Integration with Microsoft

As a result of our close collaboration with Microsoft, we have been able to deliver a ‘trustworthy’ integration of our innovation management software with their Microsoft Teams application. This means you can share ideas via our software, through Microsoft Teams, in a totally secure and safe environment.

(recently advertised at the 2020 Microsoft Build conference)

illustration purple folder with lock representing data handling processes.

Data Handling

Compliant with all data access management, data retention and disposal policies (inc. all GDPR processes).

illustration purple cloud with shield and tick showing cloud app security.

Cloud App Security

Requirements met for application and operational security, data handling security and compliance checks.

screenshot of the security and compliance approval with Microsoft for the Wide Ideas innovation management software.
screenshot of the Wide Ideas idea / innovation management software integration with Microsoft Teams on an iPad Pro.

Connect Innovation Management Software to your Digital Workplace

With the innovation management software from Wide Ideas embedded in Microsoft 365 and Teams, sharing ideas becomes part of the employee work culture.

illustration purple target focusing in on a lightbulb.

Better Adoption

Employees are more likely to adopt innovation as an ‘every day activity’ if it is seamelssly integrated into their communication hub.

illustration purple world with a megaphone.

Increased Engagement

Employee engagement significantly increases when they are able to share ideas through the digital software they use every day.

Engage Multiple Teams around a Single Business Challenge

The way in which you want to crowdsource for ideas can vary. Sometimes the business challenge needs to be restricted to a single department. Other times multiple departments. Often it is an entire organisation that needs to come together to share ideas.

With our innovation management software integrated with Microsoft Teams, ideas flow seamlessly through either interface, giving you total flexibility on how you want to engage your employees.

Screenshot of the Wide Ideas innovation management software integrating with Microsoft Teams on an illustrated laptop.
illustration purple of three heads around a tick representing one team working together.

One Microsoft Team

Push a business challenge to a single Microsoft Team for focused and departmental crowd-sourcing.

illustration purple of multi-racial people working together in different teams.

Multiple Microsoft Teams

Engage multiple Microsoft Teams to generate ideas to business challenges with different perspectives.

illustration purple world with three people representing working together globally.

All Microsoft Teams

Explore cross-functional and cross-geography problem-solving by reaching out to all Microsoft Teams channels.

Accelerate Decision Making

The integration of our innovation management software with Microsoft Teams is still driven by our powerful Wide Ideas innovation engine in the background.

This means you still have access to all our ideation tools like Smart AI Ranking and the Decision Analysis Tool (DAT) to help simplify and accelerate the decision-making process.

Great ideas will always rise to the surface. Our innovation management software just makes it happen faster….much faster.

illustration purple microchip with AI text inside representing AI capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence

Identify those ideas with the highest probability of success with our unique AI solution.

illustration purple graphs and charts analysis.

Expert Assessment

Invite experts, with knowledge and experience, to provide input on the effectiveness of ideas.

large screenshot of the Data Analysis Tool (DAT) of the Wide Ideas idea / innovation management software displayed on an iPadPro.
screenshot of the Power BI Management Dashboard template in Microsoft Teams when integrating Wide Ideas innovation management software.

Our Innovation Management Software comes with a built-in Power BI Dashboard

Utilising Microsoft Power BI cloud software, you get high-level management insights into the status of your idea pipeline, directly through your Microsoft Teams application.

Identify quickly and easily which business challenges are generating the most interest and analyse their overall engagement activity over time.

Use Microsoft Power BI cloud software to build out your personalised ‘canvas’ to aggregate ideas visually in a way that works for you, or use the Wide Ideas template.

Not using Microsoft Teams?

No problem. Microsoft Office 365 users can get access to our innovation management software through the Wide Ideas web interface.

What others say about our Microsoft Teams integration

Wide Ideas innovation management software for Microsoft Teams is an enterprise SaaS application that creates an incredible opportunity for organisations to accelerate innovation, through employees sharing ideas on the most used collaboration hub in the planet, Microsoft Teams.


When choosing innovation management software, the integration with Microsoft Teams was a must. It was important our employees could share ideas through the tool they have in their daily lives. The threshold to contribute, comment, and rate ideas have become much lower and easier with the integration of the Wide Ideas with Microsoft Teams application.


Responsible for Business Development, BRILLIANT

Want to see how our Innovation Management Software works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams?

Integrating innovation management software with your existing digital platform can help generate ideas faster. Check out this 60-second video to show you how it could work for you.


Some questions our customers have asked

Below are some answers to typical questions we receive from our customers.

Can I publish business challenges to different groups of people?

Yes you can.

Through our user friendly administration interface, you can choose which Microsoft teams you want to publish your business challenges too. You can choose one or multiple teams.

This allows you to target specific people with the relevant knowledge and experience to provide you with new ideas and insights.

Can I only share ideas through the Microsoft Teams app?


With our enterprise SaaS innovation management software, you can share and engage with ideas through either the Wide Ideas (web browser) interface, the Microsoft Teams app, or both.

All ideas are stored in a single repository. But you now have a choice of interface based on your individual preference.

This gives your employees maximum flexibility in how they want to contribute to the innovation process.

Check out the Wide Ideas (browser) interface for more information.

We are not yet using Microsoft Teams but we are on Microsoft 365. Can we still use Wide Ideas?

Of course.

Whilst the Microsoft Teams app increases the opportunity for innovation engagement, employees can still share and engage in ideas through the Wide Ideas (web browser) interface.

Check out the Wide Ideas (web browser) interface for more information.

Will my employees be able to share ideas through Microsoft Teams?

Absolutely. Employees will be able to share ideas to the business challenges they have been given access to.

As well as sharing ideas, they can show their appreciation of other employee’s ideas by ‘liking’ them, and contributing their own knowledge and experiences to help refine ideas.

The best ideas are generally those ideas that have been refined by ‘the wisdom of the crowd’.

Can I download Wide Ideas from the Android or Apple app stores?

No. We do not have a dedicated mobile app.

However. the enterprise SaaS innovation management software has been designed in such a way that makes it truly mobile responsive with all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

And don’t forget, you can also use the Microsoft Teams mobile application for sharing ideas.

This enables your employees to contribute to innovation at any time, from anywhere on any device.

Do I need an additional license to access the Microsoft Teams integration?

No. Access to the integration of our innovation management software through Microsoft Teams is included in your overall license package.

If you currently do not have access to our software, you can find out more about our license packages here.

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large illustration purple stopwatch with text 24 hours representing the time for implementation of the innovation management software of Wide Ideas for Microsoft Teams.

Implementation time

With Microsoft Azure AD, the environment is not only highly secure, it also simplifies the implementation process for you.

In fact, once you have provided all the necessary information to one of our team, you could be up and running in under 24 hours!

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