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Increase Employee Engagement

Extensive research shows that when employees are encouraged to be innovative it increases their engagement and vice versa.

A study by Krueger & Killham found that 59% of engaged employees say that their job “brings out their most creative ideas,” compared to just 3% of employees who were disengaged.

With Wide Ideas innovation software you can tap into that creativity and generate ideas to business challenges. Engaging employees in this way makes them feel part of the company in moving the business forward and encourages brand loyalty.

Improve Productivity

One engaged employee can contribute more to the productivity of a company than ten disengaged employees.

Retain Talent

Employees that feel they have a vested interest in a company are more likely to stay than be seduced by competitors.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

As well as the Wide Ideas innovation management platform, you can also innovate through the world’s most used collaboration hub with our enterprise idea software.

Trustworthy Integration

Wide Ideas has met all security and data handling requirements to be one of the few trustworthy integrations with the Microsoft Teams application.

Digital Workplace

Embedding ideation into your existing company’s digital workplace significantly increases employee engagement and adoption.

We are proud to be part of the Microsoft Partner Network with SILVER status and to be approved as a CO-SELL Partner.

Open Innovation Software for True Engagement

With Wide Ideas innovation software you can create a digital idea space to engage both internal and external people. This means employees, customers, partners and suppliers can all collaborate together around specific challenges that they each face.

Cost Reduction

Collaborating with all parts of your supply chain can improve efficiency and reduce costs of your products and services.

Stay Competitive

Open innovation helps to identify and embrace how your products and services differentiate you from your competitors.

New Revenue Streams

Idea sharing across your supply chain has the potential to generate new go-to-market opportunities to develop.

Accelerate Decision Making

At Wide Ideas we understand the decision-making process can be a big bottleneck in the innovation process.

So we made it simple!

Our Decision Analysis Tool (DAT) is a critical piece of our idea software that brings together subject matter experts and thought leaders from within your business. Their role is to use their knowledge and experience to evaluate the viability of an idea against predefined business criteria.

Our unique Smart AI Ranking utilises the input from a variety of sources, including the Decision Analysis Tool, to allocate an overall viability score for an idea.

Great ideas will always rise to the surface. Our idea software just makes it happen faster….much faster.

Artificial Intelligence

Identify those ideas with the highest probability of success with our unique AI solution.

Expert Assessment

Invite experts, with knowledge and experience, to provide input on the effectiveness of ideas.

Pricing Packages

Check out our highly competitive idea software pricing packages.  All pricing packages include full access to our idea software through both the web interface and Microsoft Teams.


Wide Ideas innovation management platform is packed full of features providing you with a powerful but flexible solution to suit any ideation process.

SSO Enabled

Simplifies access by using existing user credentials making it easier to onboard new employees, and creates a secure environment to manage ideas.

Multi-Site Bridge

Enables business challenges to be pushed to different instances of our idea software. Generally used in large enterprises or companies with subsidiaries, when there is a need to segment by country or department.

3rd Party Access

Invites people to an idea space from outside the company to collaborate around a business challenge. Great feature for including partners, customers and other members of your supply chain. 

SSO Enabled

Simplifies access by using existing user credentials.

Multi-Site Bridge

Option to push business challenges to specific countries or departments.

3rd Party Access

Grants customers and partners access through invitation only to particpate.

Idea Matching

Machine Learning Algorithm identifies and matches similar ideas avoiding duplication.

Idea Clustering

Groups ideas together in a meaningful way.

Idea Tracking

Visual tracker aid provides an instant progress overview of each idea.

Idea Management Process

Documented end-to-end flow maximises user participation and overall results.

Advanced Filtering

Finds ideas that meet a specific set of business criteria.

Decision Analysis Tool

Provides a clear visual assessment based on Smart AI Ranking and expert input.

Real time notifications

Notifies users of new ideas, comments or likes.


Many idea software features can be changed to suit different business requirements.

Multi Language Support

Currently supports English and Swedish languages. More to come soon.

Smart AI Ranking

Uses artificial intelligence to rank ideas based on content, context and user interaction.

Built on Microsoft Azure

Sensitive discussions take place in a safe and secure environment.

Connect Microsoft Teams

Bring ideation directly into your digital workplace by seamlessly connecting Microsoft Teams.

What others say about our Idea Management Software

With Wide Ideas idea management platform, I no longer need to worry about losing good ideas. Therefore, I can now bring focused dialogues with my networks and customers about development and conceptualisation.

Christian Forsström

Dev Manager, Fristad Plast

We chose Wide Ideas enterprise innovation management software to enable the employee centric knowledge sharing and ideation across the organisation. The tool greatly enhances the employee experience by making it easy to collaborate, communicate and connect with others.

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Andreas Regnell

SVP for Strategic Development, VATTENFALL

Idea Management Process

Utilise our in-house process, specially designed around our innovation software, to manage your ideas from submission to solution.

Some questions our customers have asked

Below are some answers to typical questions we receive from our customers about our idea management platform.

Can I publish business challenges to different groups of people?

Yes you can.

Through our user friendly administration interface of our idea software, you can choose which user groups you want to publish your business challenges too. You can choose one or multiple groups. This allows you to target specific people with the relevant knowledge and experience to provide you with new ideas and insights.

Can I use Wide Ideas as an Open Innovation Management Platform and invite external people?

Yes you can.

Book a meeting with our Customer Success Team and they will help you through the process.

Can we add additional information regarding our work, process, steps etc.?


You can create as many pages with information as you want to with our idea software and also customise menus. You can add text, images and videos for engage, educate and inform your users.

Do I need an additional license to access the Microsoft Teams integration?


Access to the integration of our innovation software through Microsoft Teams is included in your overall license package.

If you currently do not have access to our innovation software, you can find out more about our license packages here.

Can I download Wide Ideas innovation software from the Android or Apple app stores?

No. We do not have a dedicated mobile app.

However. the enterprise SaaS idea software has been designed in such a way that makes it truly mobile responsive with all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The best ideas are generally those ideas that have been refined by ‘the wisdom of the crowd’.

Can we create teams of experts and decision makers for each challenge?


When publishing the challenge you decide which users who shall have permission for evaluating ideas and which users who shall have permission for make decisions.

Is it possible to customise Wide Ideas around our own process?


Our idea management platform is very flexible and can be customised. Our Customer Success team are always available to support you to make the most out of Wide Ideas depending on your needs.

We recommend that you go for our onboarding packages when you sign up to our idea management solutions so we can help you get up and running fast!

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