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We chose Wide Ideas to enable the employee centric knowledge sharing and ideation across the organisation. The tool greatly enhances the employee experience by making it easy to collaborate, communicate and connect with others.

Andreas Regnell
SVP for Strategic Development

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Vattenfall Innovation

Overview of Initiative

Vattenfall is a leading European energy company.  For more than 100 years they have electrified industries, supplied energy to people’s homes and modernised our way of living through innovation and cooperation. Above all, their goal is to offer all customers climate-smart energy and enable a life free from fossil fuels within one generation (read more).

Vattenfall run an innovation initiative each year focusing on specific themes. The primary objective is to solve the problems of tomorrow in the energy market, where various events are hosted for employees to engage in. For instance, innovation workshops and inspiration sessions are open to all employees to participate in. Likewise, the Wide Ideas digital innovation platform is available to capture and develop new ideas.

Innovation Process Cycle


The first 6 months are spent planning and preparing for the Vattenfall innovation competition round.


A competition cycle runs for 6 months, during which ideas from employees are captured in the Wide Ideas innovation platform.

FREE Case Study

Do you want to take an in-depth look at the Vattenfall innovation initiative? In this FREE case study you will learn about their innovation process cycle, timelines, and how they structure their yearly competitions to engage employees in ideation.

Vattenfall Innovation Results

registered employees

ideas submitted

employee interactions

and the winning idea was…

De-icing rotor blades on wind turbines with infrared heat

The Idea

Remove snow and ice using infrared lamps, which are mounted on the tower. Firstly, in the event of snow or ice, the rotor blade is stopped in front of the tower. Secondly, the lamps are turned on and the ice is melted one blade at a time.

The Result

  • 10% reduction in generation losses
  • saving of up to 1 Million SEK per turbine
  • enhanced safety protocols

The members of the jury saw many excellent proposals, all feasible in a reasonably near future provided that the ideas are further developed. However, the winning idea had a proposal with a high level of innovation. More importantly, it was well worked-out, had a very good business case, and as the icing on the cake had a great story too.


With Wide Ideas we now have an outlet for our creativity. It is good for our customers and it is good for Vattenfall, which gains more motivated employees and perhaps ultimately makes some money.

Jonas Stenbeck

Head of sales (Nordics) and jury chair, Vattenfall

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