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New Feature: Ideas Hub for Microsoft Teams

The Ideas hub from Wide Ideas is a new feature now available from the No.1 most used communication hub in the world, Microsoft Teams. As a result, this makes sharing ideas to key business challenges more accessible to everyone!

The Ideas hub from Wide Ideas is also completely configurable. It allows your employees to easily see the key business challenges directly from the Microsoft Teams home page. It also enables your employees to have access to the latest ideas, the most commented ideas and a whole host of other useful insights that are totally configurable to your preferences.

How the Ideas hub from Wide Ideas works

Using the new Microsoft Team’s home site app (built using Sharepoint) we have created a Wide Ideas dedicated Ideas hub. This can be pinned to your main navigation (see fig. 1 below).

Firstly, by clicking on the Ideas hub link, employees will have immediate access to your dedicated ideation area. Employees will then see an overview of today’s business challenges and information on how to successfully contribute their own ideas.

fig. 1

image of Wide Ideas ideas hub integrated with Microsoft Teams

Secondly, by clicking on a business challenge, employees can view the details of the challenge itself and why it’s important to management for them to contribute. Your employees can then share their own ideas or engage in other people’s ideas. And they can do this without leaving the Microsoft Teams application! (see fig. 2 below).

fig. 2

image of Wide Ideas ideas hub home page within Microsoft Teams
image of Wide Ideas ideas hub with Microsoft Teams

In addition, employees can have access to your idea management process, details of how they need to contribute and a list of ideation contacts. All these elements are completely configurable so you can personalise them for your business (see fig. 3 below).


image of Wide Ideas ideas hub contact details that is integrated with Microsoft Teams

Want to know more?

If you are interested in knowing more about how you can take advantage of the Ideas hub from Wide Ideas please contact us.

Written by Carolina Johansson

I have over 9 years experience of digital design and an unwavering belief in the collaboration of a company’s employees as the driver to be innovative. I am also Head of Product Development for Wide Ideas, with the responsibility to develop an innovative product to match the needs for any business.



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