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Pricing packages

All packages come with a full set of features so your organisation can enjoy the full innovation experience with WIDE IDEAS.

Minimum 12 months subscription required.

Consulting Services


We have a number of great partners we work closely with that help our customers in delivering their innovation programs.

If you require the services of a digital innovation consultant, reach out to us at sales@getwideideas.com.

Feature List

Below is a list of all available features of the WIDE IDEAS product. New features are being added all the time which you will automatically have access to.

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FREE integration with Microsoft Teams

Real-time notifications

User friendly administration console

Access for partners and customers

Single Sign-on with Azure AD

FREE access to Idea Management Process

Multi language support

Decision Analysis Tool (DAT) for business leaders

Matching of similar ideas

Accelerate ideas with Microsoft Teams features

Advanced filtering and clustering

Smart ranking

Customisation capabilities

Support and Customer Success

Is your organisation using Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams Software

Get FREE access through Microsoft Teams

When purchasing a WIDE IDEAS license, you automatically get access to share ideas through our new ‘Wide Ideas for Microsoft Teams‘ application.

Does your organisation have an
Idea Management Process?

Six stages in a circle representing the 6 idea management process stages for any innovation strategy framework.

FREE use of Idea Management Process

Not every organisation has the bandwidth for creating a complete innovation program. This is why we have designed our own Idea Management Process to complement the use of our tools.


Reach out to our sales department. They will be only to happy to answer any questions you may have.

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