HR In Digital Transformation: A Chat With Microsoft

Feb 7

Microsoft and Wide Ideas discuss digital transformation

Microsoft Pivot events are a great opportunity to expand your business network and engage with experts. They also attract some big name speakers, and the latest event held in Stockholm, Sweden was no different. The Importance of HR in Digital Transformation was the theme with a particular focus on innovation and AI.

But did you know that the majority of digital transformations fail as they forget to include employees as part of the change journey? This is where HR can play a vital role in digital transformation by bridging between people and technology.

Wide Ideas firmly believes in the inclusivity of employees when it comes to digital transformation.  And as a valued partner of Microsoft, I was asked to moderate a round table discussion.

I still found time however, to sit down with Henrik Byström (Business lead, Microsoft) and discuss our collaborative relationship in making innovation part of the digital transformation process. Listen in to part of our fruitful discussion with this short video.

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The role of HR in digital transformation is essential. However, you also need good processes driven by leadership and embraced by employees. Check out my Business innovation needs more than just a digital platform article on how to avoid innovation as just a ‘buzz word’.


Jakob Lindvall

Jakob Lindvall


Combining his love for AI technology, passion for idea management, and 15+ years of experience as CEO of various companies, Jakob oversees the business planning, and strategic direction for the company.

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