Wide Ideas adds multi-tenant SSO to its Web application

Larger organisations, e.g. companies that are undergoing mergers and acquisitions, often find themselves in a situation where they have multiple Azure Tenants in the group. With Wide Ideas multi-tenant SSO it is now possible to provide a secure Single Sign-on experience from multiple tenants to the web app. This enables management to drive integrated ideation processes across tenants and quickly build a common culture of knowledge sharing and innovation.

This new feature allows you to:

  • Connect multiple organisational entities in a trusted and secure way
  • Provide seamless SSO for users from different tenants
  • Drive company-wide cultural support for idea management process across tenants

via Microsoft Teams

Innovate through the world’s most used collaboration hub, Microsoft Teams, with our idea management software.

via Web Interface

Unleash the collective intelligence and creativity of your workforce with our enterprise grade idea software.

Written by Carolina Johansson

I have over 9 years experience of digital design and an unwavering belief in the collaboration of a company’s employees as the driver to be innovative. I am also Head of Product Development for Wide Ideas, with the responsibility to develop an innovative product to match the needs for any business.



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