NEW Idea Management Dashboard with Power BI

A management dashboard is a way to consolidate and display information visually from different parts of the business and from different locations, to see how the company is performing against its business goals.

In other words, it is a tool for management to make informed decisions on strategy.

If you already have an idea management process in place generating ideas from employees, then you will need an Idea Management Dashboard. Here’s why:

3 Reasons for Needing an Idea Management Dashboard

Consolidation of idea data

There is always a flood of ideas at the start of any new innovation initiative. As a result, the challenge is to determine which ideas have potential and which do not. The ideas that have potential will need developing to be project ready.

An Idea Management Dashboard will do just that. For instance, it will aggregate, analyse and display all the idea data visually providing a ‘single source of truth’ to those that need to make decisions.

Make better and informed judgement calls

What’s measured, improves – Peter Drucker, Management guru

Dashboards simplify complex data into more manageable metrics, so ideas can be easily measured against the success criteria of your ideation goals. Leadership teams are then in a better position to make decisions on which ideas will have the biggest improvements on generating an ROI on their products and services.

Increase contribution

Most ideas need some form of contribution from subject matter experts to develop their potential. An Idea Management Dashboard identifies a lack of contribution so subject matter experts can be directed to helping refine those ideas.

Wide Ideas Management Dashboard with Microsoft PowerBI

At Wide Ideas we strongly believe in leveraging your existing digital tools to deliver a complete ideation process. This is because there is a significant increase in idea contribution when employees are using the digital tools they know and use every day.

Firstly we seamlessly integrated our software with Microsoft Teams so employees can share ideas. Now we are introducing our latest software development feature; the integration with Microsoft PowerBI.

Idea Management Dashboard template from Wide Ideas using Microsoft PowerBI.

This integration with Microsoft Power BI, provides high level management insights into the status of your idea pipeline. It will identify quickly and easily which business challenges are generating the most interest, and analyse their overall engagement activity over time.

Creating your own personalised ‘canvas’ to aggregate your idea pipeline is simple and straightforward with Microsoft PowerBI. You create the metrics and design the dashboard in a way that measures progress against your business goals.

FREE Template

As part of the Wide Ideas package, we have designed a FREE Idea Management Dashboard template. Therefore, you have an instant overview of the status of your idea pipeline from day one. The Idea Management Dashboard is accessible through the web interface or directly through your Microsoft Teams application.

Written by Carolina Johansson

I have over 9 years experience of digital design and an unwavering belief in the collaboration of a company’s employees as the driver to be innovative. I am also Head of Product Development for Wide Ideas, with the responsibility to develop an innovative product to match the needs for any business.

September 17, 2020


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